From the top of your ivory towers, you‘ll lose height and discernment.

From the depths of your courts, you lose profundity and judgment.

From the height of your power, you get drunk and disconnected from reality.

Caught up in your pride, you don’t realize you’ve already lost the game and are just stoking the fire.

Yes, a powerful fire slumbers in the very heart of women, in the very heart of their love for life. What you may still consider as a sensitivity, even a fragility, needed to be protected, framed or controlled, is in fact the greatest of all powers, which your unconsciousness fears above all.

You can’t longer subdue us and put us at your service. What you feel deep inside your gut. Yes, deep down, inside your fear of change.

There will be no revolution on our part, because we are already gone. Already somewhere else. Already ready to love and embrace this reality, you don’t want to see.

This world belongs to us.

It belongs to all humans who, with an open heart, embrace life, without the need to control it. Without wanting to turn it into social, political or economic issues. To those who have understood that life is intelligence. Life knows how to govern itself very well. It always has and always will. To those who have understood that « this idea » of wanting to control life, in any way, can only come from a mind veiled by ignorance or a heart too hungry of power.

Entangled in a determinism put in place by yourself, we can only sympathize from afar with your misfortune and your vain attempts to break the chain of human solidarity, amplified by your coercive measures.

Thank you for reminding us that we’re no longer afraid and more free than ever.

Thank you for reminding us that we’re powerful and autonomous.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join all those loving, intelligent and open men, who like us, don’t understand your desperate attempts to keep the past going.

Thank you for allowing us, far from you, to relearn how to properly love ourselves.

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