Paradoxical Kundalini

I really love stories… All these stories that we tell ourselves. So, I’m always fascinated when I land on social networks and watch everything said and told about Kundalini or about Non-Duality.

Honestly, I’m not here to judge. Because in everything there’s a grain of Truth just waiting to be revealed.

Sharing is natural, sharing is part of our human nature. It’s Life wanting to connect with itself in a beautiful explosion of joy. And, having done it myself a lot, I don’t want to judge all these people who sometimes share a little prematurely.

So, there’s what is told and there’s the Truth.

Where, precisely, the Kundalini leads: To the Truth.

But, along the way, there will be many things to live, to experience, to understand, to refine and above all to embody.

This is the very essence of Kundalini-Shakti.

A quest for her own desires. A quest composed of phenomena, manifestations, explosions sometimes ecstatic, sometimes suffering beyond the possible. Everything will be experienced in a way sometimes magnified, sometimes with an intolerable intensity. Therefore, that’s why it’s so hard. Because Life doesn’t want to spare.

Each movement of Life is the manifestation of a buried desire. At the forefront of the Trishula (the Shivaite trident), the Autonomous Will of the Lord is this impetus, seeking to reconcile and pacify in each of us, the constituent elements of Life.

Kundalini-Shakti is just its Supreme manifestation to achieve this.

So, as the recognition of our True Nature is not the pinnacle of spiritual realization, but just a simple door open to see and consider things differently, awakening to the energy of Kundalini is a similar path. Scattered with just as many illusions and falsehoods as the other paths taken in spirituality.

In fact, it is not an awakening. It’s a sudden awareness of something pre-existing. Life’s always been there, everywhere. To suddenly become aware of it, on more subtle levels in you, is not a realization but, again, mere recognition.

Thus, all the bits of Truth spread on the web have some basis.

That we talk about subtle phenomena, even paranormal, is a reality. A partial reality because basically… What is normality? Why would there be a visible normality and one in parallel?

Simply because most of us don’t understand the complexity of the world we live in. Often, we even have difficulty to simply understand ourselves!

Nothing to add to this, except maybe that’s where the famous normality hides. In the fact that we are ignorant of ourselves…

Whether we talk about our power of creation, the power of our thought on the definition of reality is the same thing. Ditto for the “sacred” aspect of our sexuality. And I could go on, like this, for a long time about each of the aspects conveyed and, I would even say, up to a certain point « stereotyped », when it comes to awakening, manifestation or activation of Kundalini.

In short, Kundalini-Shakti leads us to understand ourselves. To see our limits as well as our power.

However, the paradox is precisely there. In the acceptance of the said limitations.

All desires come up from the refusal of our limits. The unmanifested aspect of who we are, the spirit, has a hard time of being limited in its human experience. Perhaps that’s why the intellect is the last barrier that gives way, the part of us the slowest to surrender.

When the reality of the body is embraced, the incarnation with its ups and downs accepted and the heart finally reconciles human and divine, the limits fall. All the Power is revealed then.

A Power which is not ours, which is not other.

A Power which IS.

But what remains of “us”, because it will always remain something, we remain individuals, whatever some say or think, can only bow before this Power, before this Consciousness.

Power, Consciousness… At this point, the choice of words doesn’t matter, because the conceptual barrier has finally been overcome and everything merges in One Reality.

The surrendering is what pacifies, what leads to the Truth. It can come at the beginning or at the end of the process, it doesn’t really matter. But, when it comes to Kundalini, it should come faster. At the risk of finding the trip very painful…

To bow makes us fall in love, or sometimes love makes us bow. No matter, at the end, the Love of Truth eliminates any residual desires that may still arise.

So, even before the end, long before Kundalini-Shakti has purified everything, has purified all remaining there, in the materiality of the body, in order to peacefully leave this body that has served us so well, there will be this last act, which some see as a final renunciation, but which I see as simple evidence.

There’s only one place in Life to take refuge.

At the very Heart of Truth.

Then, the Love of Truth is what is leading us to share. Not the desire to shine.

Because the Truth is not a light.

It’s a fire.

A burning fire called Love or Life. For me, it’s the same thing.

It’s the only Non-Duality.

The Love of Truth or dedicating one’s Life to the Truth.

Or, if you prefer, the fact that the only real thing to do in Life is to Love.

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