Past’s Masters

“For those who can practice Self-enquiry, all rules and discipline are unnecessary.”

Ramana Maharshi

Past’s masters, or a subject of spiritual bypass.

Ohhhhh yes…

Have you ever “worked” with a Master?

Realized that wisdom and knowledge count for very little?

Saw he remained fundamentally human and profoundly felt his mastery?

A mastery not based in the absence of chaos in him, but in his ability to understand and fully embrace it.

Did you understand his real role?

A role based on a relationship which cannot be functional without certain elements.

This « functionality » is based on a silent contract between the Master and the disciple.

A contract composed in an equal amount of difficulty to bow to the Master for the disciple and that, encountered by the master, in his task of revealing to the disciple his inner chaos.

The integrity and benevolence of the Master in clearing the ground just enough for the disciple’s inner Master to take over, must be commensurate with the disciple’s trust in the Master. Despite the resistance which will arise in this difficult exercise, the disciple must remain confident; the Master is there to melt the resistances of the mind to embrace the chaos and let the flow of life pacify the body.

If the idea of the « Guru » is so unpopular among the westerners, it’s not simply due to the scandals of the past, but much more because it’s very difficult for us to bow to others…

Unless this « other » is full of training and diplomas. Or ask us for a big amount of money.

We cling to knowledge and materiality as a life buoy, to the detriment of experience, living and sobriety.


Do you really think that reading past’s masters and browsing teachers and teachings is enough?

“Things and thoughts have been changing all the time. But the feeling that what is, now, is real has never changed, even in dreams.”

Nisargadatta Maharaja

What you LIVE is a changing game. Not what you read or think you understand.

Relationships transform you.

The feelings they make you experience, the time and presence you give to, the reciprocity in the very center of each of them. Even though relationships pass, over time they reveal what remains beyond them. More than anything, we will be marked forever by what we experienced with the people who have influenced us. Not by their words or way of speaking.

In the good and the bad. Because living is also taking risks.

Each encounter is a “master/disciple” relationship when you put:





These keys are the Master’s assets… With, as a bonus, a vision and a perspective difficult to get at the beginning of the journey.

The « Truth » is not in books or here on the web. It can be a starting point, a momentum, taking you towards a process of Self-Inquiry, or the gateway to a meeting, yes.

It’s not their usefulness I question here but their functionality.

Don’t stick to the useful.

Don’t stop there… In your head… High up in the sky with past’s masters.

Come back to earth, get out! Open yourself to Life and turn your gaze to your heart.

Bow to this one.

Because the silent wisdom is there. Leading you to your Masters: Everything and everyone you perceive different from you…

To the point of reflecting to you the beautiful chaos of your Life. Inside and outside.

To lead you to your own Mastery: Embrace Life as it is, rely on it and let it guide you to peace.


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