Modern spirituality tells us a lot about healing, but very little about rehabilitation. Yet, when we take a closer look at health as a whole, rehabilitation is an integral part of any process aiming us to come back to the everyday life.

Of course, there is a whole section of spirituality talking about grounding techniques, rooting rituals or rebalancing chakras. As well as a whole bunch of people talking extensively about all the ways to achieve this much sought-after state of stasis or equanimity. They’re still, today, many people gargling with their new or recover state, maintaining this idea that the state in which you currently find yourself is illusive suffering or worse, inadequate. Whether or not they’re aware of the myths, stereotypes and cult of an « enlightened » character they continue to prepetuate is not the point here, and it’s not these techniques, rituals or practices I want talk to you.

Rehabilitation is an essential part of conscious living. And this is even more true when it comes to live with each other. Justice and prison systems rely heavily on the need for rehabilitation when it comes to reintegrating an individual into society after a period of withdrawal or incarceration. We can therefore see that rehabilitation is not only a question of health or well-being, but also of living better. With yourself of course, but also with each other.

A true spiritual process is a deep process of healing and inner transformation, which often comes with one or more period(s) of isolation, solitude or some form of seclusion. Consciousness will be affected to varying degrees, it’s true, but whether it’s simply in the way of looking at life or in deeper dimensions of the overall experience, this will necessarily have consequences on daily life, as well as on all of our relationships.

Life calls to Life. This movement in the heart of your heart, will return you, one day or another, to the living. You will not stay stuck in awareness and emptiness indefinitely. If this is the case, it’s because something doesn’t want to come down and face what needs to be, within the organism.

But, precisely, how to « live » from a state of consciousness which, at first glance, may seem far away to us and, whose gap with the material everydayness of life may seem to us an abyss, if not a complete paradox? How to come back to life? Naturally, time makes us see that things always happen by themselves and there’s no need to worry or even wonder about these questions. There’s no need to wonder and worry about anything… Only, although this eternal cliché, continually served up to us as an answer is such a striking truth impossible to grasp at first glance, the flip side of this fatality is that’s also true to say there will inevitably be periods of destabilization and times when we will feel estranged from life as it’s lived here. Especially if the path or process happened quickly, abruptly or chaotically. So, it’s completely normal to have this strange feeling, sometimes, of not knowing « how to live ».

Rehabilitation goes through the rehabilitation of these ideas and concepts of teaching and teacher. To live consciously is to admit our profound ignorance of life, its amplitude and its mysteries. It’s also to understand the deep intricacy of all the elements of life and see how EVERYTHING is a source of teachings. And for me, in this profoundly changing world, it means understanding that we need, more than ever, to relearn how to live together. Life remains the only true teacher, of course. But also, Life is in each manifestation and every movement appearing within Consciousness. In this context, we’re all great teachers for each other and relearning to live together is also part of the teaching curriculum for everyone of us.

Many people say that the era of great masters and gurus is over. Indeed, I don’t believe we need more people currently, who, from their platform and their absolute detachment, tell us how to reach a pinnacle which for me remains imaginary, if it’s to remain there, sitting and saying others what to « do » or « how » to be. I don’t think we still need people to teach us that the secret of Life is to detach from it. Detachment it’s just a glimpse in the whole process and detachment without love, is nothing more than an additional fallacy. But, I deeply believe that we’ll ALWAYS need people to share. Share a little of their experience, their understanding of their own healing process, as well as the tips or means that have been revealed to them to return to the heart of the living and embrace life even more widely. With more joy, more openness and above all a heart wide open to embrace all the diversity present in this world. To be the living witnesses of Consciousness itself. Regardless of the degree and depth, aspects remaining totally illusory.

And while we may no longer need people to guide us, we will always need people to inspire us. To enable us to see that the limits of the « personal » can always be exceeded and life embraced more broadly.

Rehabilitation goes through the relationship with the other. At the opening, the curiosity and the welcoming capacity we can manifest towards each other. Because we’re not here to live in a vacuum observation and disinterest of the other, but here to learn to love each other. Individually and collectively, one being the corollary of the other.

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